Soil Conservation and Geology

The hydrogeological instability is currently one of the main problems that affect a large section of the Italian territory.
These problems become apparent as landslides, collapses and floods that have, as their leading and triggering factors, particular geological and geomorphological situations as well as, more and more frequently, anthropogenic factors such as high density population, deforestation and lack of maintenance of the territory.
The support that Geotech is able to provide to its customers in this area is wide-ranging and comprehensive:

  • Geological, geophysical, geotechnical and hydrogeological surveys
  • Geological monitoring
  • Analysis of seismic response
  • Risk analysis
  • Geognostic surveys
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Hydraulic studies
  • Projects of soil conservation works
  • Hydraulic works
  • Stabilisation of landslide slopes
  • Protection works of falling rocks